Vesna Goodbye

  • Short Fiction Film
  • 15'
  • 2020
  • Slovenia, Australia


10-year-old Emi tries to reconnect with her older sister Vesna following the death of their mother.

10-year-old Emi and her pregnant older sister Vesna go for a drive down the coast to try to reconnect following the recent death of their mother. Emi observes her sister and quietly tries to make sense of how Vesna is coping, while words remain unsaid. At the beach, Emi buries her sister in the sand for fun, like in the old days. But this time it only evokes sadness as Emi realises that she has lost her mum's earring. On the way back Vesna stops at a friend's party. Watching from the car, waiting, Emi realises that to protect her sister and herself, she will have to find her way back home on her own.

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Melbourne, Australia