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BSF is a non-profit, non-commercial project meant for educational and research purposes. Its goal is to provide online access to data and various types of content (i.e. photographs, texts, audiovisual works, and others) about the Slovenian film production as well as foreign film productions with the participation of Slovenian filmmakers. This access is available through the BSF website available at https://bsf.si. “Slovenian film database”


The contents of the BSF website as well as the contents of all webpages and subpages of the website may be protected as copyright works according to the applicable provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official gazette no. 21/91 and amendments) or as other subject of protection by intellectual property rights.

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Filmoteka is doing everything possible to respect copyrights and other rights of intellectual property. This is why we publish information about the source as well as the creators or copyright holders next to all copyrighted content, if the information is available from the source of the content. Any public domain content is clearly marked as such on the BSF website.

Despite our continuous efforts we were unable to obtain information about the creators or ownership of rights for some of the content. Therefore we kindly ask any rightholders whose works have been published on the BSF website, to write us at info@filmoteka.net, in order to clear the rights for use on the BSF website. You may also let us know about any mistakes or missing data regarding source, copyright owner or creator information already published.


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Before any type of use, other than strictly personal and non-commercial, users are obliged to check whether that particular type of use is permitted and under what specific conditions (i.e. use with the intent of achieving economic benefit, public reproduction, public distribution, public screening, etc.) Users are obliged to always check the copyright and other rights notices (such as: related rights, privacy rights, personality rights etc.), obtain any necessary clarifications as well as all required permissions from the copyright holders in order to use copyrighted or otherwise protected content. Filmoteka is not liable for any incorrect information about copyrights or other rights, rightholders and authors provided to Filmoteka by the sources of the protected content.


Filmoteka as the operator of the BSF website is putting continuous effort into publishing accurate, current and up-to-date information on the website. However, Filmoteka is not liable for the accuracy, credibility or confirmation of the data or any other content which can be accessed on or through the BSF website. On the website we publish links to third party websites, over which we have no influence or control. Filmoteka is not liable for any such linked third party websites, any contents published on such linked websites as well as the accuracy or credibility of the contents on such linked websites.

Filmoteka is doing everything in its power to provide an uninterrupted service with as little down time as possible, however Filmoteka is not liable for any delays in updating the contents. Furthermore Filmoteka is not liable for damages incurred to users due to the service being unavailable for any reason (i.e. technical difficulties, maintenance, etc.) Filmoteka is always trying to resolve any issues as fast as possible.


Filmoteka protects users’ personal data in accordance with applicable personal data protection laws and regulations.

Filmoteka is authorized by The Slovenian Film Centre, to process publicly available personal data and other types of data about filmmakers and film crews. Such data is obtained from various sources and includes the following types of personal data: name, surname, nickname, date of birth, photographs of filmmakers, film crews and any connected persons. This data is being processed with the purpose of creating a complete online database and archive of Slovenian film production, filmmakers and film crews. Filmoteka in collaboration with the Slovenian Film Centre is managing this project as a way to promote Slovenian film and other Slovenian audiovisual practices.

Furthermore Filmoteka processes personal data of the users who access the BSF website, and which they voluntarily enter into the forms provided on the website and give explicit consent for the processing of said personal data. By giving consent the user is allowing Filmoteka to store and process their personal data and to send updates and news to the e-mail address provided.

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Users are aware and give consent to Filmoteka, for permanent storage of their personal data submitted through the contact form on the website, until consent is withdrawn by the user. Other types of personal data may be stored by Filmoteka until the purpose for which the data was obtained is fulfilled. After that, the data will be permanently deleted or effectively anonymized in such a way, that any one piece of data is impossible to be connected to any one user.

To protect the storage and transfer of personal data Filmoteka is using all necessary technological and organizational protocols and measures (such as: physical and software based security of the premises and equipment, regular updates and maintenance of computer hardware and software as well as a controlled system of usernames and passwords). With these measures Filmoteka prevents unauthorized access, use, destruction, change, public distribution or any other unauthorized processing of personal data and ensures appropriate personal data rights protection for all collected user personal data.

Filmoteka shall process personal data only to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of the processing and only until necessary for achieving the goals pursued. If personal data was obtained by users’s consent, it will be processed only to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of processing, until the user’s withdrawal of the consent. Filmoteka will not in any case send any personal data to third parties.

Any individual has the right to withdraw their consent at any given time, as well as access, change, transfer, delete or demand the processing of their personal data be limited. Individuals who choose to enforce these rights may do so by contacting the designated data protection officer via e-mail at info@filmoteka.net or via post at Veselova 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija. These addresses may also be used to obtain additional information about personal data protection and processing.


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