Test video playback

We strive to give our users the best possible experience, that is why we prepared this page for you, so you can test out the video playback functionality, so you can make sure everything works correctly before purchasing or renting an audiovisual work from our catalogue:

Film Profession - Screenwriter

For a good quality and issue-free video playback you do need fast and stable broadband and the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.*

You may test the speed of your internet connection via one of the following third party services:

AKOS test hitrosti

Speed test by OOKLA

Detailed technical specifications and requirements are listed in our terms of use.
* Video playback will most probably work on other major browsers as well as some older versions, but we cannot guarantee it. It is up to the User to provide their own required software.

In case you have questions, please consult our FAQ page. If you encounter any issues with video playback or you have a question, please write to us at: podpora@bsf.si or use the contact form below: