• Debut film


  • Documentary Film
  • 86'
  • 2024
  • Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Austria


A filmmaker begins a project meant to celebrate her partner’s triumph over a deadly illness, only to discover that the focus has turned to her and the unraveling of their relationship.

After surviving a terminal illness diagnosis, Blaž sets off to a grueling celebratory Giro d’Italia. With him is his partner, filmmaker Maja Doroteja Prelog, tasked with capturing the triumphant biking tour. What was initially planned as a ride from the Dolomites to Sicily to reclaim control of one’s own life and celebrate overcoming their greatest fear, soon becomes a journey of self-discovery for the couple. The focus shifted and now Maja’s experience and needs hold the lens. While the lens of the camera turns inward, the relationship unravels, revealing a brave examination of self and what it truly means to be together. CENT’ANNI is an emotional rollercoaster with heart-wrenching confessions and poetic visuals in the midst of beautiful natural sceneries, an unfiltered testament to love and change.

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