• Debut film

Pink Moon

  • Fiction Film
  • 95'
comedy, drama
  • 2022
  • Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy


When the 74-year-old father of a young woman unexpectedly announces he wants his life to come to an end, she is forced to face the absurdity of the situation.

During a family dinner, Iris (29), receives the news from her father Jan (74) that he’s had enough of life. In a few months – on or near his 75th birthday – he wants his life to come to an end. This absurd news is like a suckerpunch to the gut: Iris didn’t see it coming at all. As far as she’s concerned, Jan is an energetic father, a caring grandfather and an altogether healthy man living life to the full. He was supposed to be part of her life for at least ten years more. That was the idea. Her idea. That was how it would go. Until this day.

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