Woman of God
  • Documentary Film
  • 98' 15''
  • 2023
  • Slovenia


We follow Protestant Pastor Jana as she is moving away from the Church. But first, she has to confront her childhood sexual abuse, long-buried family wounds and the newly diagnosed life-threatening disease.

Jana is a Evangelical Protestant pastor working in two small parishes in deprived villages on Slovenian outskirts. She has a strong religious background, with both of her parents being pastors. She has overcome childhood sexual abuse and a rebellious youth marked with troubled relationships. With her humorus and open spirit and in constant “search for God”, she feels more and more trapped in the traditional teachings of her Church. She is faced with a life’s dillema weather to step away from the pastorhood. It takes courage to stand up for your own beliefs and confront long burried family wounds as your body battles a life-threatening disease.

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