June 23, 2021 (5 p.m.) - June 27, 2021 (11:59 p.m.)

A Season of Classic Films: Seven Slovenian Classic Shorts

In collaboration with the Slovenian Film Centre and the Slovenian Film Archives, the Slovenian Cinematheque is proud to present the world premiere of seven digitally restored Slovenian classic short films. The programme highlights important filmmakers from the history of Slovenian cinema and, in particular, the explosive creativity of their film expression, which without exception integrates formal and narrative experiments. The historical overview starts with France Štiglic’s Mladina gradi (Youth Builds, 1946), an internationally acclaimed documentary on the building of socialism after liberation, and then continues with Bizoviške perice (Laundresses from Bizovik, 1959), a film reportage on countryside laundresses by Jože Bevc, followed by Barva spomina (The Colour of Memory, 1967), a portrayal of painter Jože Spacal and his art directed by Jože Babič and Giorgio Šestan, Gratinirani možgani Pupilije Ferkeverk (Fried Brain of Pupilija Ferkeverk, 1970), an exquisite experimental short calling for freedom of expression by the renowned DOP and film director Karpo Godina, Slavica exception (Slavica Exceptional, 1971), a documentary portrait of a professional striper by Mako Sajko, Cukrarna (1972), Jože Pogačnik’s homage to an old building and its inhabitants with a glorious past and a tragic present, and Zvonko Čoh’s Poljubi mehka me radirka (Kiss Me Gentle Rubber, 1984), a milestone in Slovenian artistic animated film.

We also kindly invite you to watch a short video presentation of the event by the head of the Slovenian Cinematheque program Igor Prassel, available here.

Links to watch the films will be active from June 23rd, 5:00 pm till June 27th, midnight.

Mladina gradi / Youth Builds

France Štiglic, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1946, bw, 18'

Documentary film depicting youth work actions in Slovenia within the first few years after liberation.

Bizoviške perice / Laundresses from Bizovik

Jože Bevc, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1959, bw, 9'

A reportage on the village of Bizovik near Ljubljana, where women do the laundry for city dwellers.

Barva spomina / Colours of Memory

Jože Babič, Giorgio Sestan, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1967, colour,13'

Paintings and graphic works of Slovenian artist Spacal. An attempt to break into the humanitarianism, synthesis and rhythm of his arts.

Gratinirani možgani Pupilije Ferkeverk / Fried Brain of Pupilija Ferkeverk

Karpo Godina, Yugoslavia (Serbia), 1970, colour, 12'

In contemporary social society man’s fashion becomes more attractive and even more important than women’s. Men of the traditional industrial society are serious, productive, disciplined and the consumer society leads them into light-mindedness and unseriousness.

Slavica exception / Slavica Exceptional

Mako Sajko, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1971, bw, 11'

A portrait of a professional striper, who has chosen this path due to its quick financial benefits.


Jože Pogačnik, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1972, bw, 13'

Cukrarna, an old building where the poets Murn and Kette once lived, is an important place in Ljubljana. For a long time this building has been the refuge for different people of all occupations and age, a small gallery of tragic human destinies.

Poljubi mehka me radirka / Kiss Me Gentle Rubber

Zvonko Čoh, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1984, bw, 6'

A new combination of a drawing put in a classical artistic space and of surrealist contents arising from metaphors and associations. Classical cartoon heroes are swapped with their animated movements and silhouettes.

Thanks to “A Season of Classic Films”, an initiative of the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes, the seven short films in the programme have been digitised by the post-production company Iridium Film and digitally restored under the guidance and supervision of an expert group led by the Slovenian Cinematheque. The premiere is scheduled on 22 June, live at the Silvan Furlan Hall of the Slovenian Cinematheque in Ljubljana. Between 23 and 27 June, the films will be accessible online through the Slovenian Film Database (BSF) platform.

“A Season of Classic Films” consists of a series of free screenings across Europe planned between December 2020 and June 2021. The initiative is coordinated by the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) and supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme. The films are presented by 22 ACE members with the goal of increasing the visibility of their rich collections and raising awareness about film preservation and culture, especially among young adults. Each film institution has selected a film title or a compilation programme from their affluent archives to showcase renowned films, but also lesser-known film gems. The selected films are presented in a catalogue, which provides an inspirational source of European cinema history for film festival programmers around the world.

More info on “A Season of Classic Films” series: https://ace-film.eu/projects/season-of-classics/

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