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Dušan Kastelic

Short Animated Film / 13' / 28 awards Awards
The Box is full of miserable creatures. One of them doesn't belong there. He's thinking outside the box...
Short Animated Film / 8' / 1 award Awards
This animated film, based on the song by Iztok Mlakar, follows the story of a simple peasant couple from their wedding to their death. The main thread of the story is a tiny deceit throughout their whole life, the wife has prepared a cheap coffee substitute (chicory) instead of real coffee for her husband. The husband, who is a brute and misanthrope, never sees through her deception, although everyone else knows. For him, the swill tastes better than the best coffee. A simple story about how we are unable to show our loved ones that we love them until it is too late.
Short Animated Film / 3'
People watch cartoons and have great fun doing that; thus they are convinced that making cartoons is also such fun. But as you'll see in this cartoon, this is not true. An autobiographic cartoon, in which life unfolds without paying any attention to the author.
Animated Music Video / 2' 16''
Orlek ~ Perkmandeljc is a Slovenian Animated Music Video.