Music for windows II

Music for Windows II

  • Short Fiction Video Film
  • 4’
art, experimental, video-art
  • 1996
  • Netherlands

A static camera presents a narrow angle of observation, a detail of space between the glass wall and a pillar. Here the camera records the happening from the inside. It presents a surface of concrete block elements and a fissure, through which we occasionally see the simultaneous movement of wooden sticks. The picture does not show the source of the sound, nor the type of instrument used by the invisible musician.

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Alternative title
Music for Windows II (english)
Glasba za okna II (slovenian) (unofficial)
art, experimental, video-art
Production countries
Technical data
Aspect ratio
1,33:1 // 4:3
Duration and length
4 minutes
Negative format
video S-VHS
Screening formats
video S-VHS

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