Do you hear the sound of silence

Do You Hear the Sound of Silence

  • Short Fiction Video Film
art, experimental, video-art
  • 1992
  • Slovenia

A black and white video which builds on the details of the body under the shower. The images are not disturbed either by sounds or music because -as the title says only the silence can be heard. That the eye of the video camera is always voyeuristic is best illustrated by the detail of the bath drain, a fetishistic and psychotic object of the greatest voyeur among film directors Hitchcock.

Director Mirko Simić
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Alternative title
Do You Hear the Sound of Silence (english)
Ali slišiš zvok tišine (slovenian) (unofficial)
art, experimental, video-art
Production countries
Technical data
Aspect ratio
1,33:1 // 4:3
Negative format
video S-VHS
Screening formats
video S-VHS

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