The films will be available for free online streaming from 8th till 12th of March.

Melting Dreams

Haidy Kancler
Slovenia (production: Studio Virc), Austria, Finland, 2022, 83'

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Three Afghani girls get an opportunity to travel to Europe to follow their dreams of becoming professional skiers. When the idealization of the Western world begins to vanish, so do their dreams of skiing. One by one, each takes a shot at finding a better life and faces high-stakes consequences.

Maja Senekovič (aka Haidy Kancler) was born in Maribor in 1982. She completed her studies of Media Communications at the University of Maribor. Since 2009, she has been aN independent film director. In her creative oeuvre we find a range of documentaries, commercial projects and cooperation with various production houses and televisions. She creates at home and abroad. She has won several awards for her films. Her first feature film "The Deepest Grounder in a Swimsuit" was screened at East Silver, Vasteras FF, WIIFA, Dokudoc and many other festivals.

Newsreel 670 – Red Forests

Nika Autor
Slovenia (production: Obzorniška fronta), 2022, 16'

The film is rethinking the erection of the razor wire in the forests and fields along the EU border and considers the forests as a political space. Space that bears history of clandestine refuge as well as of clandestine solidarity practices in different contexts, times and eras.

Newsreel 2021 – Here I Have Picture

Nika Autor
Slovenia (production: Obzorniška fronta), 2022, 17', 4K

The film presents a fragmented glimpse into the life of people on the move hiding in the forests on the EU borders.