Dec. 2, 2020 (6 p.m.)

It Started With Trust

Tonight we would like to present three short films entitled It Started With Trust, which will be screened for the first time. The films were made possible thanks to Vertigo and Društvo SOS telefon za ženske in otroke as a campaign to raise awarness about domestic violence and violence against women in connection with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November.

This project was made possible due to selfless collaboration of many organizations and individuals - filmmakers, artists and other cultural workers. They have donated their resources, time and invaluable experience to create the three short films: Everything Will Be Fine, I Didn't Say Yes and Hope Dies Last, directed by Martin Draksler.


It started with trust: Everything Will Be Fine

Available from 6 PM

Everything Will Be Fine
Everything Will Be Fine

It Started With Trust: I Didn't Say Yes

Available from 7 PM

I Didn't Say Yes
I Didn't Say Yes

It Started With Trust: Hope Dies Last

Available from 8 PM

Hope dies last
Hope dies last

You deserve to be safe. If you need help, contact your local organizations dealing with domestic violence.

This project was made possible thanks to Vertigo, produkcija za kulturne dejavnosti, Društvo SOS telefon za ženske in otroke - Žrtve nasilja, Bunker, zavod za organizacijo in izvedbo kulturnih prireditev, Filmski studio Viba Film Ljubljana, Mb Grip, družba za Scenske storitve, Teleking, 100, FTT Sumus and Vegan Bar.

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