Short film — an adaptation of "The Seventh Voyage" from "The Star Diaries." Directed by Krzysztof Jankowski, starring Wojciech Solarz as Ijon Tichy, Tomasz Nowak - cinematographer.

The Seventh Voyage  from "The Star Diaries" is the base of the science fiction comedy film Pokój ("Room") by Krzysztof Jankowski premiered on February 5, 2021 online. In the film Tichy (Wojciech Solarz) was going to announce a protest against the weaponizing the "spacetime warper" at the Panslavic Parliament, but he was seized by the antagonists and a new weapon was tested upon him. A side effect of the weapon is the multiplication of Tichy. However instead of taking an advantage of this for an escape, Tichy starts to argue with his clones, leading to comic situations similar to these in "The Seventh Voyage".

2055. A famous cosmonaut, Ijon Tichy, is about to give a speech against the PPR (Post-Planetary People Regulations). Representatives of the ruling party and the government itself are trying to prevent him from doing so. Ijon is tricked into a hotel room, where it occurs that he becomes a human guinea pig for testing the newest weapon causing body-multiplication. Unfortunately, instead of trying to escape from this trap, Ijon argues with his copies and, as a result, he cannot make up with himself, which leads to many absurd situations.

The Room is a brilliant satire on vices typical for Polish society i.e. backwardness despite ostensible sophistication, as well as quarrelsome nature, which leads to inability to reach agreement. The accuracy of the very satire is also emphasized by the fact that one and the same person, our protagonist, doesn't trust himself, argues with his clones, makes alliances and then breaks them.

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland as part of the celebration of the "Year of Stanislaw Lem".

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The Room
Krzysztof Jankowski, Poland, 2021, 19'