Competition programme: The International Children and Youth Film selection

The ENIMATION Festival produces new film stories.

The purpose of the festival is to inspire children and young people to create films that express their feelings, visions, experience of the world and to say: “Here we are, we think, we grow, we create, we mature, we know and we can LIVE a better life.”

We present the screening of Enimation’s competition program is divided into categories: MINI “The First Masterpieces”, MIDI “Thoughts Grow” and MAXI “Blushed Adolescents”.

MINI filmmakers: Competition Programme, Films by Children up to 10 Years of Age

THE FIRST MASTERPIECES is a selection of films produced by the youngest age group. The children usually participate in writing ideas, stories or in making specific segments and are often guided by experienced mentors, the masters of the process of filmmaking. “In films, I’m interested in originality, authenticity, either in the story or in the approach. “It is important that the individual components of the film work as a whole, that the chosen technique or genre supports the content, as well as the sound… The visual image also plays an important role so as the expression of the film. It excites me when they are both in line with the story.”

Vojka Miklavc, MINI Selection

The Robot/

Author: Elise Stragier
Mentor: /
Production: JEF
2019, 33’’


The Paper Keeper/
O Guardião do papel

Authors: group effort
Mentor: João Católico
Production: CINANIMA, Escola Aldeia Nova Guetim
2019, 5'

The Evolution of Plasteline Ceatures in 3 Acts/
Evolucijia plastelinskog bića u 3 čina

Authors: Pio Ferlin, Ivica Kajfes, Aurora Nadj, Dora Ujcic
Mentor: Lea Vidaković
Production: /
2019, 3'53''

The Hoover/
ПЫЛЕСОС Tolmuimeja

Authors: group effort
Mentors: Yura Boguslvsky, Vasily Chirkov, Natalia Machenene, Larisa Knyazeva, Inga Mičule
Production: Creative space
2019, 1'34''

From the Ocean to the Air/
Do mar até ao ar

Authors: group effort
Mentor: João Católico
Productio: CINANIMA, Escola Aldeia Nova Guetim
2019, 5'36''


Authors: group effort
Mentors: Brina Fekonja, Hana Repše
Production: ENIMATION school
2020, 1'30''

Time Hidden in The Body of One School/
O tempo escondido no corpo de uma escola

Authors: group effort
Mentor: Clia Anilupa
Production: Associação de Ludotecas do Porto/Anilupa´s workshop, Feira School
2020, 11'18''

Kuday Bakhsy the Blacksmith/
Кузнец времени

Authors: group effort
Mentors: Polina Chernyavskaya, Anton Afanasiev
Production: Delavnica v času mednarodnega filmskega festivala Yakut
2020, 2'57''
Russian Federation

The Corridor/

Author: Walter Duncan
Mentor: Marie-Pierre Bonniol
Organizacija: /
2020, 1'16''

TimeZ of the Year/
Korotkie istorii o vremeni

Authors: group effort
Mentor: Natalia Vorotnikova
Production: /
2019, 4'15''
Russian Federation