Competition programme: The International Children and Youth Film selection

The ENIMATION Festival produces new film stories.

The purpose of the festival is to inspire children and young people to create films that express their feelings, visions, experience of the world and to say: “Here we are, we think, we grow, we create, we mature, we know and we can LIVE a better life.”

We present the screening of Enimation’s competition program is divided into categories: MINI “The First Masterpieces”, MIDI “Thoughts Grow” and MAXI “Blushed Adolescents”.

MIDI filmmakers: Competition Programme, Films by Children between 11 and 14 Years of Age

THOUGHTS GROWING is a selection of films produced by teenagers. They express their own view of the world, which is raw, honest and serious at the same time. “I was looking for a harmonious combination of an interesting story, visual elements and film language. Above all, I was convinced by the right amount of imagination and film magic. My aim was to put together a comprehensive program that outlines the diversity of approaches to film-making. "

Nina Kojc, MIDI Selection

Unreachable Goodies/
Onbereikbaar lekkers

Authors: group effort
Mentorji: /
Production: JEF
2020, 2’37’’

Better Than This/
Выше того

Authors: group effort
Mentor: Polina Sheizon
Production: /
2019, 5’20’’
Russian Federation

The Bee, Our Best Friend/
La abeja, nuestra mejor amiga

Authors: group effort
Mentor: Lucio Álvarez
Production: Escuela, cámara ¡acción!
2019, 5’37’’

The Last Hope/
Poslednji up

Authors: Bine Klopčič, Brina Verovnik, Jure Šantej, Vitomil Semenič Scott
Mentors: Jelena Dragutinović, Gašper Markun
Production: Društvo za izvajanje filmske vzgoje Slon
2020, 1’25’’

Just An Ordinary Day/
Totalno običan dan

Authors: Adrian Bojić, Rita Bjedov
Mentors: Božidar Trkulja, Dorotea Radušić
Production: Bacaćki Sjenki, Frooom! film school
2019, 2’39’’

In Pablo's World/
U Pablovom svijetu

Authors: group effort
Mentors: /
Production: FKVKZ
2019, 2’28’’

Doctor For A.L.L./
Doktor za S.V.E.

Authors: Ante Čeko, Karlo Bračko, Ante Čeko, Nora Bračko, Stipe Čeko
Mentors: Tihana Mandušić, Anita Čeko
Production: Bacaćki Sjenki, Frooom! film school
2019, 3’23’’

Who Are Friends?/
Tko su prijatelji?

Author: Katja Tušek
Mentor: Goran Šporčić
Production: OŠ Stjepana Kefelje - filmski krožek
2020, 2’41’’

The Treasure/

Authors: group effort
Mentor: Damijan Sovec
Production: OŠ Gornja Radgona
2020, 2’21’’

A Word is Not a Horse/
Beseda ni konj

Authors: group effort
Mentors: Andreja Goetz, Andrej Štular, Katja Stare, Petra Stare
Production: Laute / KD Nebo, Društvo Slon
2019, 2’21’’