Competition programme: The International Children and Youth Film selection

The ENIMATION Festival produces new film stories.

The purpose of the festival is to inspire children and young people to create films that express their feelings, visions, experience of the world and to say: “Here we are, we think, we grow, we create, we mature, we know and we can LIVE a better life.”

We present the screening of Enimation’s competition program is divided into categories: MINI “The First Masterpieces”, MIDI “Thoughts Grow” and MAXI “Blushed Adolescents”.

MAXI filmmakers: Competition Programme, Films by Children between 15 and 19 Years of Age

BLUSHED ADOLESCENTS is a selection of films produced by young artists.They show a great deal of experience, grown ideas and approaches and are on a good path to professional film-making. “I am impressed by the fact that youth film production is increasing each year, which can also be seen in the growing number of films we receive. This is consequently also raising the quality of the films themselves. We selected 10 films that stood out from more than 300 registered films submitted in this category. It is very important that young people tell their personal stories in their films, using their own authentic approach.“

Miha Šubic, MAXI selection

Grandpa Goes to the Sea/
Dedi gre na morje

Author: Jakob Vogrinec
Mentor: /
Production: /
2019, 18’51''


Author: Anže Orehek
Mentor: Mojca Guštin
Production: Srednja grafična in medijska šola Ljubljana
2020, 1'24''


Author: Jake Tollman
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 4'53''

A Frail Tale/
A Frail Tale

Author: Audrey Manfredi
Mentor: /
Production: /
2017, 4'


Author: Juyong Lee
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 5'

Harold & Mittens/
Harold & Mittens

Author: Suzie Topolska
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 1'56''
United Kingdom

Dreary Days/
Dreary Days

Author: Ella Greenwood
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 2'45''
United Kingdom

Outgrowing My Shoes/
Outgrowing My Shoes

Author: Grace Conlez
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 3'56''


Author: skupinsko delo
Mentor: Alexandre Juruena
Production: Escola Parque
2019, 2'42''

Tonino's Adventure/
L'Avventura di Tonino

Author: Mario Cirillo
Mentor: /
Production: /
2020, 16'54''