The Slovenian Cinematheque enters its 27th year of operation with the new season.

At the presentation of the season, we will premiere a program of Slovenian short experimental films, which we have restored as part of the "Season of Classic Films" program in coordination with the Association of European Cinematheques (ACE) #ASeasonofClassicFilms with the support of the Creative Europe program.

The program presents a selection of short films by various authors, which in turn come from the so-called i. amateur, experimental, non-paradigmatic, non-institutional or alternative scenes. Even today, this kind of avant-garde filmography represents a lively and exciting, but often overlooked chapter of Slovenian film creativity.

The films on the program mostly come from the tradition of Yugoslav cinema clubs, in which authors could develop their cinematic expression and create freely without the intervention of state institutions.

Watch online:
(available for free from Sep 9 to Sep 11)

Odmev in odziv

Vinko Rozman, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1965
8 mm, b/w, 5'

A.P. Anno Passato

Karpo Godina, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1966
8 mm, b/w, no dialogue, 5'


Karpo Godina, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1965
8 mm, b/w, no dialogue, 6'


Karpo Godina, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1965
8 mm, b/w, no dialogue, 8'

Vse se vrti

Davorin Marc, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1978
16 mm, colour, no dialogue, 1' 54''

Pika. Poka.

Davorin Marc, Slovenia, 2013
16 mm, colour, no dialogue, 1' 57''

Praška pomlad

Vinko Rozman, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1969
8 mm, b/w, czech(english subtitles), 11'